Research Positions:

Undergraduate Research Positions:

Undergraduate students who are interested in working in my group should be physics majors at the junior or senior level who are participating in the letters and sciences honors program for physics and intend to write an honors thesis. See: here.

Graduate Research Positions:

If you are interested in attending the University of Wisconsin as a graduate student and studying high energy physics then you can find information on how to apply here. Once you are admitted to the physics program I would be happy to discuss research opportunities with you.

Currently I am searching for a graduate student to work on the CMS experiment. If you are a currently enrolled student in the UW physics department and are interested in High Energy Physics research please contact me.

My research program at CMS experiment concentrates on physics involving pairs of massive gauge boson. Production of these states is a sign of a range of physics possibilities such as Higgs boson production or the production of massive new gauge bosons predicted by theories that unify the forces.

I can be contacted at if you are interested in either of these research positions.